Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rock and Worship Roadshow

Last night Micah went to his first Rock Concert with me, Grammy, Auntie Lindsay and Auntie Stephanie, It was all Christain bands like Mercy Me, David Crowder band, Fee (who I loved) and Family Force 5. He had so much fun, and he tried to sing every song. But when he raised his hands high and sang chorus' to Praise the Lord and started to Cry. He bring such joy to my life......and there are so much more meomories to come.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Twins 6th birthday party


So for Christmas I got AFI tickets, my first time not seeing them in California and being able to go to multiple shows in 1 week. I loved this concert they did an amazing job and even a signing which I took Micah to. He sings most all their songs and he enjoyed meeting "Rockstars." Micah even got a few quick tips about drumming from Adam their drummer.

Lights and Reindeer

We visited the Botanical Gardens with the Clan this winter to see all the pretty Christmas lights and the Reindeer! The Boys loved it! Even though it was super cold

Over due updates

So I started school in January and just finally now posting pics of Xmas and what we have been doing, so sorry it took so long but this semester just about killed me so enjoy. This first one is Santa's visit and what he brought the boys