Friday, October 23, 2009

Brody's First Birthday

Brody's first birthday was Saturday October 17th, we had a very fun cute party with family and friends. I can not believe that my baby is 1 already. Time flies and life just keeps changing. He had such a fun party. It was also my mom's birthday. I think she really enjoys sharing her birthday with one of her grandkids.

Albertson's park with Glamma and Papa

More amazing pictures from the park this time with Glamma and Papa during their visit for Glamma's and Brody's Birthdays

Pumpkin Patch Time

This Time of year is the best time! Halloween pumpkins and fall colors make for such wonderful pictures and memories! Me and the boys went to a few pumpkin patches and had lots of fun!

Halloween Jammies!

Just cute pics we took that I wanted to share!

Micah's Games

Micah's games went well this season. The team was ok! He did score 4 goals in 1 game and atleast a goal in the other games. Now we wait until Spring for it to start up again.